Introducing SmartCode

Introducing SmartCode

Intelligent Towing Solutions

With increasingly sophisticated technology being added to new vehicles, manufacturers are also enabling system changes to occur on some vehicles when towing. Reverse Park Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control Deactivation, and Sway Mitigation Systems are prime examples of vehicle functions that may change when a vehicle is towing. Ensuring that a vehicle properly activates all the manufacturer’s pre-programmed changes is a complex process. This requires advanced technology as each vehicle demands a specific solution. In addition to the towbar, wiring, and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) required for a standard fitment, smart vehicles need to be programmed. This allows full integration into the vehicle’s operating system, a process referred to as coding.

A Hayman Reese SmartCODE™ solution involves more than one element:

  1. A Hayman Reese towbar - the hardware designed to tow your trailer
  2. A Hayman Reese wiring loom to transfer power, lighting, and signals from your vehicle
  3. An Electronic Control Module designed to integrate seamlessly into your vehicle’s operating system
  4. The Hayman Reese SmartCODE coding solution which ensures your vehicle will deliver the manufacturer’s designed changes when towing.

What is SmartCODE?

SmartCODE to ensure that a vehicle operates at its full capability when towing. A SmartCODE towbar installation consists of four different elements:

  • Hardware – this consists of the vehicle-specific towbar
  • Electronics - wiring loom
  • Firmware – the towbar Electronic Control Unit
  • Software – vehicle-specific coding called CAN bus which acts as the communication between the vehicle and trailer electronics.

Why is vehicle coding important?

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated with new features that need to be adjusted when towing. Without an intelligent towing solution, like SmartCODE, the vehicle will not operate at its full capability. This can result in error lights appearing on your dash, or reduced functionality including Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control and Reverse Park Assist.

Does my vehicle require SmartCODE?

Not all vehicles require SmartCODE. Some vehicles, such as the Toyota Hilux, don't require a SmartCODE solution for towing. However, others such as the Ford Ranger, require a SmartCODE solution to ensure that the vehicle will function as designed whilst towing. Check with your local Hayman Reese installer to find out if your vehicle requires SmartCODE.