Thank you for purchasing a Hayman Reese product.

You will be pleased to know that Hayman Reese warrants your towbar, 5th Wheel and Gooseneck, brake control, or Weight Distribution System against any manufacturing fault for as long as you own it, provided you do not misuse, abuse or overload the product beyond its rated capacity.

Qualifying as the original owner

To qualify for your Lifetime Warranty, simply contact us on 1800 812 017 or email. We will then register your Warranty.

If you can provide proof of purchase to confirm you are the original owner, you may also enjoy the security of a Lifetime Warranty by simply having the product inspected and approved by Hayman Reese or one of the many Authorised Service Centres.

What happens if you need to claim?

Contact Hayman Reese on 1800 812 017 or email. We will immediately arrange for you to visit your most convenient Authorised Hayman Reese Service Centre.

Authority will then be given for your vehicle to be inspected and subject to final approval your towbar will be replaced or repaired to settle the claim.

Please note: This Lifetime Warranty is in addition to any Statutory Warranty which also might apply. The Lifetime Warranty is not transferable.

Other Hayman Reese Products - Warranty

Hayman Reese also provides a lifetime warranty on Weight Distribution Systems, a 5 year warranty on 5th Wheel and a 3 year warranty on brake controllers.

Download Hayman Reese Warranty