Choosing The Right Weight Distribution Kit

Choosing The Right Weight Distribution Kit

The safety, handling, control, and comfort of your towing experience depends heavily on how the weight is distributed between your vehicle and trailer.

How you distribute the load between your vehicle and trailer is a key element. In some cases the use of a Weight Distribution Hitch system will also play an important role, especially if the vertical towball weight is significant.

In this article, we'll help you understand what a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) Kit is, what is does and explain how to select the correct weight distribution kit for your needs.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch Kit?

A Weight Distribution Hitch is an essential component for safe and effective towing. It serves as a critical tool to balance and distribute the weight of trailers, caravans, or camper trailers during towing, ensuring optimal handling, control, and comfort. Hayman Reese offer a range of Weight Distribution Kits, all with varying load capacities to accommodate different ball weights.

The kits are designed to enhance safety and performance. The choice between classic and standard kits, as well as additional options like drop shanks, allows for customisation based on individual towing needs, coupling position and A-frame configurations. A Weight Distribution Kit is a key element in providing a stable and enjoyable towing experience.

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Different Types Of WDH Kits Available:

Medium Duty (600lb) Weight Distribution Kit

Ideal for trailers with a ball weight between 135 kg and 275 kg, the 600 lb Weight Distribution Hitch kit stands as the most popular choice among Australian towing enthusiasts.

Heavy Duty (800lb) Weight Distribution Kit

Engineered to tackle tough towing needs, the 800 lb Weight Distribution kit caters to trailers with a ball weight between 275 kg and 365 kg.

Classic vs. Standard

Both Medium Duty and Heavy Duty are available in Classic or Standard kits. Tailored to accommodate various A-frame sizes and coupling positions, the classic kit suits 4” high A-frames or 5” and 6” high A-frames with the coupling at the bottom. These kits are available in 27" and 30" length to avoid positioning the snap up bracket on any obstacles. Meanwhile, the standard kit is perfect for 5” or 6” high A-frames with the coupling positioned in the middle or at the top.

Super Heavy Duty (1200lb) Weight Distribution Kit

Geared towards heavy-duty towing, the 1200 lb kit accommodates ball weights between 365 kg and 545 kg.

Key Features: Equipped with trunnion-style spring bars, the kit includes a Hayman Reese cast head with integrated friction sway control tab, square trunnion-style spring bars, fine-tooth adjustment washer for versatile head angle adjustments, compatibility with Dual Cam HP™ Sway Control, a lifetime warranty, and a full range of spare parts and is only available in 30" length.

Mini Weight Distribution System

Perfect for trailers with a ball weight of up to 80 kg, the Mini system is a two-bar (2 x 19mm) setup designed for use with any Hayman Reese towbar. Chains hold the spring bars in position for easy setup and removal.

Intermediate Weight Distribution System

Similar in design to the Mini, the Intermediate system uses a four-bar (4 x 19mm) setup with a working range between 80 kg and 135 kg ball weight, making it ideal for small-sized caravans.

Drop Shanks

For those needing a different-sized shank, Hayman Reese offers a range of drop shanks to complement your towing requirements. Rated to 3500 kg, they are designed for use with classic or standard weight distribution heads, and providing both drop and rise, these drop shanks ensure trouble-free towing.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right WDH Kit

Choosing the right weight distribution kit is paramount for a safe and enjoyable towing experience.

Whether you're opting for the Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, Super Heavy Duty, Mini, or Intermediate system, Hayman Reese ensures that each product is engineered to the highest standards, providing peace of mind and reliability on your towing adventures.

For personalised advice and to find the perfect weight distribution solution for your vehicle, consult your nearest Hayman Reese Stockist.