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Weight Distribution Hitch - Intermediate (300lb/135kg)


Helps distribute the weight of your caravan evenly across the axles of your vehicle. The intermediate model suits ball weights up to 135kg and comes with 28-inch round bars that provide more clearance for off-road caravans.

$337.50 (RRP)
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Item number: 04194

Australia wide Installers

NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory

The Hayman Reese Intermediate System is the ideal solution for intermediate tow ball weights, utilising a four bar (4 x 20mm) system with a working range between 80kg and 135kg ball weight and is ideal for smaller trailers. The snap up brackets make raising and lowering the chain effortless. Triangular plates mean you can adjust and equalise each pair of bars together.

Product Weight 19.4kg
Product Dimensions 75 x 18 x 18cm
Installation Required Yes
Finish Powder coated
Warranty limited lifetime warranty
Colour Black