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Weight Distribution Hitch (800lb/365kg) - 30inch round spring bars (incl cam washer)


Improves the safety and handling of your vehicle and trailer. It distributes the weight of the trailer evenly across the axles of both vehicles, reducing sway, stress and wear. The 30-inch round spring bars provide more clearance for off-road caravans with 6-inch chassis rails.

$965.00 (RRP)
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Item number: 78003

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NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory

Hayman Reese's standard Weight Distribution kit comes equipped with all you need to restore natural balance of your tow vehicle, suspension and steering geometry, whilst providing extra clearance around your A-frame. Suitable for ball weights between 275 kg and 365 kg, the standard 800 lb kit comes with round style spring bars that are ideal for trailers, camper trailers, caravans or boat trailers that have 5” and 6” a-frames where the coupling is mounted in the top or middle of the A-frame.

Weight Distribution Hitch (800lb/365kg) - 30inch round spring bars (incl cam washer) #78003 kit includes Head, spring bars, snap up brackets, snap up bar, shank, chains, cam washers and fitting kit

Product Weight 30.6kg
Product Dimensions 88 x 25 x 18.5cm
Installation Required Yes
Finish Powder coated
Warranty limited lifetime warranty
Notes Maximum rating of 350kg/3500kg
Colour Black