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Hitch Pin - SmartPin


An anti-rattle hitch pin that fits into the keyways of the hitch receiver and secures the trailer ball mount. The SmartPin reduces noise, vibration and movement of the towbar and improves the towing stability and safety. The SmartPin is easy to install and can be used while towing without breaking.

$61.00 (RRP)
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Item number: 55070BL

Australia wide Installers

NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory

The SmartPin system is comprised of of a SmartPin nut and R-Clip and in the distinctive golden colour. Once assembled, the Smart Pin reduces audible rattle, vibration and shunting of the Trailer Ball Mount in most driving conditions. Unlike other hitch pins on the market, the Hayman Reese SmartPin can be used whilst towing as there is no risk of the bolt breaking. The superior coating protects from wind, rain and dust and the unique keyways pass through the tow bar and push the Trailer Ball Mount against the far edge of the hitch receiver, reducing free play.

Product Weight 0.345kg
Product Dimensions 11 x 3.5 x 25cm
Installation Required Yes
Finish zinc plated
Warranty limited lifetime warranty
Colour Silver