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Ergo Clips


Used to secure the hitch pin of a tow bar. They have a wide handle with an ergonomic angle that allows better clearance and grip, even with gloves.

$22.00 (RRP)
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Item number: 55022

Australia wide Installers

NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory

The Hayman Reese Ergo Clips boast an innovative design, engineered with a wide handle & unique angle for better clearance between fingers and hitch pin. Easy to use, even with gloves. Fits most mini and regular hitch pin sizes. Great for hard to see/reach locations plus bright colours make it quick to find when dropped.

Product Weight 0.055kg
Product Dimensions 7.3 x 3 x 15.5cm
Installation Required Yes
Finish zinc plated
Warranty limited lifetime warranty
Colour Silver